HTC Amaze 4G

4G enabled phones are amazing and they can help you to have a completely new and enhanced experience of using mobile phones. Problem is, 4G is not yet available worldwide. Rather you can have the 4G service only at certain pockets around the world. This information should not thwart you from buying HTC Amaze 4G. There is no harm in being ready for the future. Moreover, if you are within the range if a 4G network, you will have extra facilities than your friends. If that is not the case, then you can keep on using 3G networks and wait for the 4G to arrive.

The features that should influence you to buy HTC Amaze 4G are:

  • This factory unlocked android smartphone uses the Gingerbread operating system. This is not the latest version of the android anymore, but it is capable of providing you with amazing functions. You can have a beautifully interrelated Google mobile service including Google Maps, Gmail, Google chrome and many more. All these facilities will make using the phone especially the internet connection a lot easier than ever before.
  • Black and white, these are the two colors available in this phone and you can choose the one you like. The smart and sleek design of the phone will be enough to make your friends and collogues envious. Moreover, as it is an unlocked phone, you no longer have to face any type of SIM restrictions.
  • 4.3 inches long touch screen is spacious enough to view all your icons together. Along with that, it will provide you a clearer and crispier texts and graphics. You no longer have to knit your brows every time a new message pops up or you are trying to access more than one application at the time.
  • 1.5 GHz Snapdragon dual core processor is just perfect for any work that you need to do quickly. It is faster than ever before, so you can access anything that is in your phone within a fraction of second. If you have never used such a powerful processor, then the speed will seem lightning to you.
  • 16GB internal memory should be enough to hold all your music, video, picture and any other important files together. If you are not happy with the storage space, then there is an option to expand the memory with microSD card. The memory can be expanded to 32GB.
  • 8 megapixels camera with LED flash and autofocus will be enough for taking high quality picture. Your phone now can easily replace your digital camera. There is also the facility of shooting high definition video.
  • Built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enough to allow better connectivity than other phones. You are allowed to connect with the home and corporate network and with other Bluetooth devices. You can also do your work really fast, because the file transfer rate will be really high. You never have to worry about the files being transferred at a lower speed.
  • High quality audio facility will provide crystal clear sound. The music player and video player will ensure that you never have to experience lack of entertainment ever again. Choosing HTC Amaze 4G will make your life easier and more exciting than ever before. It is indeed a very wise choice.