HTC DROID – A Review

This year is proving to be the best year for HTC. Their ONE series is turning out to be one of the most successful mobile this year specially the One X. They are doing a great job with android based phones, taking it to the next level with their customization, making it more user-friendly than ever. They are not just impressive with their one series but also with another phone recently launched called HTC Droid Incredible. Let’s see whether it lives up to its family name or fall flat on its face, or somewhere in the middle. This is the review of HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE (Verizon).

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE packs a lot of hardware into its body and it’s a pretty small body. The device is much smaller and more importantly feels much smaller than some of the super phones that flank at the store-shelve like galaxy nexus or the Samsung galaxy s3. Like its predecessors it isn’t trying to be the biggest on the block but don’t let the small size full you because there’s some very capable hardware here. It has a four inch super LCD panel at 540 x 960 resolutions upfront at 275 pixels per inch. There’s a VGA resolution front facing camera and flipping it around the back there’s the eight mega pixel camera lens with its flash alongside. The phone not going for the thinnest award either as its pretty hardy at 11.7 mm but because it’s got such a small footprint that thickness actually makes it feel great in hand. The back has a wonderful symmetric styling that reminiscent the first generation incredible. It almost feels technologically more advanced because it doesn’t need all that space in the casing to deliver almost the same user experience. The phone is powered by a dual core QUALCOMM snapdragon S4 CPU running at 1.2GHz that’s backed up by 1 GB of Ram and 8GB of onboard storage and micro SD expansion up to 32GB, and powering all that a battery rated at 1700mAMh.

Now as it is a HTC phone it is running a skin on top of Ice Cream Sandwich that is sense 4. It is pretty good in fact it is the best version of the skin yet. HTC does everything it can do to make the experience better by providing convenient features like home screen widgets and their custom card based multitasking view and all of that runs fairly smoothly. The custom keyboard is not good compared to stock ICS keyboard as its haptic feedback is inconsistent and will drop feedback input at some points. It is also a little crowded in portrait view. Overall senses impact on android is noticeable as its pretty heavy and does slow the experience down slightly. This phone’s reception is above average beating out nexus for connectivity. Data speeds in Verizon’s LTE are averaging about 20MB download and 10 upload. The new incredible might lack the same hardware as the One X but HTC has brought full set of camera improvements to this device. If you are taking regular still shots the camera does a quite nice job, also the 1080p video is sharp and the sound capture is great.

So all in all if you are looking for a mid-sized attractive boldly designed Smartphone that doesn’t sacrifice too much for its pocket ability, incredible 4G LTE is definitely worth a look.