HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE

HTC is a well known mobile phone manufacturing company and the phones manufactured by this company are of superior quality. This model here is also no exception. If you are choosing this model, then it is to be said that you are taking a very wise decision. This model boasts of a sleek design and impressive features. In short, this cell phone is one of the best in offering by HTC. The ergonomic soft-touch screen and HTC Sense experience will make sure that, the user will fall in love with this model fast. There are many more features of this model and here you will be informed about them.

The features of HTC DROID incredible 4G are:

  • This phone has the Android 4.0 OS and it is known as ice-cream sandwich. This operating system has changed many things and has improved a lot of features in the android phones. The OS ensures you can have easy multitasking and navigations, can customize the home screen, Google+ integration and resizable widgets and many more. All these will make using the phone a lot easier than before.
  • There is the face unlocking option and you can unlock your phone by putting it up to your face. The front camera and superior quality face recognitions technology will recognize your face and make this process easy.
  • There is the recent apps button and it will allow you to jump from one app to the other with the list available at the system bar. The thumbnails which will pop up instantly will make things easier.
  • Sending a message was never this easy. With this phone you can actually dictate the message that you want to send. Not only that, you are also allowed to use any language you want and you can take as much time you need for writing the message.
  • This android comes with 8 megapixels camera and you can take as many picture you want to take with the press of a button. You will also have the auto smile and group shot features. You are also allowed to take a photo even when the light condition is not great. There is also the feature of recording high definition videos with the camera.
  • The audio experience will impress you more than ever. HTC and Beats have collaborated together and they have created the best sound for movies and music. There won’t be any distortion and you will have stronger bass.
  • With this android phone form HTC, you will be able to work from anywhere you want. Along with accessing word files, sending emails, viewing task list and calendar, you will be able to view the different time zones together. So, if you are working with collogues in different parts of the world, still you can keep track of time and complete your work.
  • Wi-Fi and other wireless options will allow you uninterrupted internet connection anywhere in the world. Along with that, this phone comes with 1700 mAh lithium ion battery which allows you the usage time of 9.5 hours and the stand by time will be of 447 hours. You no longer have to worry about low battery or the phone going out.