Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Tech giant Samsung seems a bit restless for a while. Samsung who recently toppled Nokia as the biggest mobile phone maker is releasing and updating its devices every now and then to ensure that it emerges as an inevitable, clear winner. It has truly emerged as a clear winner in the Smartphone market and it isn’t that the buck stops here for Samsung. With the release of such a powerful and high end handset Galaxy S3, Samsung not only has put a firm stance in the Smartphone market but has also strengthened it significantly. Samsung is on a roll these days and is busy designing and selling the sequels of the yesteryear Smartphone to keep them updated.

With the Galaxy Ace being a successful gadget in the market, Samsung has released its successor. The Galaxy Ace 2 can be said as a powerful handset much like Galaxy Ace was in those times. Let’s have a closer look.


The Galaxy Ace 2 has rounded corners and makes its prominence with a silver bumper. There’s not much deviation from its previous form in terms of looks. It has a very compact design which easily fits into the hand. The cover on the back now has a kind of textured design much like Galaxy Nexus which lets us have a better grip on this handset. The front has a glossy finish and of course the back has a textured finish.

Build Quality

The build quality of this handset is not that impressive. Samsung hasn’t tried to improve the build quality and so it remains a lot susceptible to wear and tear and damage due to your faulty hand. The phone is very light weight and the back has a not-so-durable plastic cover. Samsung has a lot to do to improve the build quality of its handset over the years.


In terms of performance for this device Samsung has in fact created a niche for itself by imparting such bold features to a device of nominal price.  It runs on the Gingerbread version which is not a think to worry about much as Samsung is supposed to roll out the Ice Cream sandwich version of this phone. It has a Dual core cortex A9 processor which doesn’t seem to be new thing nowadays but it’s really good with such a nominal price. It has a 768 MB RAM and a NovaThor U8500 chipset. It sports a 3.8 inch 16M capacitive LED scratch less screen of 480X800 resolutions, a 5 MP auto-focus camera with a LED light and of course 3G connectivity. Though the built in memory space stands at a not-so-impressive 4GB it is expandable to 32 GB. A standard charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack form the ports.  This set gives a very high video recording quality at 720p at 30 fps though it doesn’t contain a front camera. Accelerator and proximity sensors are present on this device to enhance the user interface and it certainly supports flash and NFC connectivity comes in handy as well.