Surpassing the Possibilities in Smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note Brings the New Breeze

Smart is what you do in a manner that others were not able to do before. This is also the definition of innovation as well as discovering new aspects. All this and more is present in a combined form with Samsung Galaxy Note. The brand has been present since ages and delivering a great aesthetic to the technology world, Samsung has ruled out the leaders in all dimensions to say the least. Galaxy flagship contains a history with itself. It is the first of its kind flagship that has given multiple directions to many products. From Smartphones moving on with Tablets, Galaxy has made its own world made of excellence. Samsung Galaxy Note is a new kind and begins a new breed with the help of its amazing specifications and noting graphics apps. Innovative to the core, Samsung Galaxy Note is an innovation that has surpassed the normal league of Smartphones.

Consolidating the overall experience, it holds the value of a smartphone and along with that gives a new feel with a zing. Feel free to indulge your senses in the optimized platform of Samsung Galaxy Note. This smartphone is the result of a long and improvised research from the market. People wanted to do a lot more at one time. Smartphones have provided much functionality but when it came to multitasking, they all lagged behind. Either the processing speed was lowering down or the tasks were not able to get a legitimate response. This was kept in mind when Samsung Galaxy Note came in the market. Doing many tasks at the same time with responsive speed and performance from the processor, Samsung Galaxy Note won the bet. When people were looking for a smartphone to fill in the shoes, Samsung Galaxy Note entered as a tablet format.

Samsung Galaxy Note has the best unique feature of Smart App that is defined as the best free hand scribble writing. Designed to reflect your inner desires, Samsung Galaxy Note becomes a free hand writing tool that not only encapsulates your best natural inputs but also makes it a virtual slate board to write whatever you want. Upgraded with the Premium Suite, it will be hard to distinguish Samsung Galaxy Note as a phone or tablet. The most famous App from the Samsung App world is “S Note”. This is the App which makes you free to make notes, meeting pads, diary, magazine, travel notes, and all the things that can be written. Choosing the customized template S Note App gives a variety of services to people using Samsung Galaxy Note. Some fun games, like Shape Match and Formula Match, makes it even more interesting. Creating customized notes and using it on the sharing section makes you the star.

S Memo is an upgraded version of S Note App that maintains all your memo write ups and presents it to you in a great way. AMOLED display with 1280 x 800 super HD resolutions viewing gives Samsung Galaxy Note an edge that was not present in any smartphone before. With full screen utilization and a free hand usage, Samsung Galaxy Note is the best tool and product for all those who want to have something different in life.